The Ukrainian handball champions FK Motor Zaporozhye will be taking part in the second German Bundesliga next season. Former professional Sascha Gladun criticizes the guest start right, although it is sporty and social “a huge story”.

Sascha Gladun, former Bundesliga professional and current General Secretary of the Ukrainian Handball Association, has criticized the right to guest start for the Ukrainian champions FK Motor Zaporozhye in the 2nd Bundesliga.

“What surprises me a bit is the fact that we don’t have any written confirmations yet,” Gladun told Sport Information Service (SID) on Thursday: “I haven’t seen a document yet, not about the club’s intention. Not about any meetings. And no written evidence from the Handball Bundesliga. That surprises me a bit. The matter is really complicated. “

There are basically two sides to the topic that have to be considered. In sporting, social and human terms, “it is of course a huge story that players and families are safe and that the team is allowed to play in the strongest second division in the world,” said Gladun. But if you get the green light to resume the Ukrainian league, “then we’ll start too. And then the question is: what about Zaporozhye?”

According to Gladun, the president of the Ukrainian association, Andriy Melnik, is in constant contact with the Ukrainian Ministry of Sport and the National Olympic Committee. “We are waiting for instructions from the Ukrainian authorities regarding the Ukrainian championship,” said Gladun. The coming season is still unclear.

The plan of the Handball Bundesliga (HBL) meanwhile envisages that the top Ukrainian team will be the 20th team to play in the second division in the coming season – albeit outside of the sporting classification.

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The North Rhine-Westphalian state capital provides accommodation for the team and the families. Zaporozhye, which gets the necessary match practice for the Champions League through the games, will play its home games in the Castello in Düsseldorf, which has a capacity of more than 3,000 spectators.

Gladun came to Germany in 1996 through Bob Hanning, who was the SG Solingen coach at the time. He now lives with his family in Oberammergau near Munich and works as a secondary school teacher. Recently, Gladun has also been heavily involved in the transport of refugees, as a translator and in the organization of donations. Fundraising campaign for Ukraine aid: near the border with Poland, an alliance from Torgelow takes care of Ukrainian children