my Gschpändli, I would have one of the swatter. I ran with a cloth bag by the editorial office and said to some colleague: “I must show you something.” I pulled it out of the bag and said, beaming like a sun-flower: “Is he not beautiful? It is the most beautiful vegetables I’ve ever seen.” No question, you agreed with me. Finally, you saw with your own eyes, how beautiful his face was and how happy me this cabbage made.

a Romanesco bought had. You Know, Romanesco? I would like to show you a photo. But instead of that, here in the middle of the pop emblazoned green jewel, just stare at you. Sorry! I give me trouble, you can imagine the flowers vegetables. The Romanesco belongs to the family of cauliflower. And no, it is not a cross between Broccoli and cauliflower. I tell them, as the two layers in the vegetable drawer, side by side, saw the cauliflower is quite pale. He did me even a bit sorry. I almost separated them. I did not want to Yes, that there is a trouble in the family. Compared with the Romanesco cauliflower is old-fashioned total, I immediately think of Butter and bread crumbs. In the case of Broccoli to boiled Pflatsch and diet. The Romanesco I think of the beauty of nature, of art and of Rome (his home). It also contains more nutrients than cauliflower. And – hold on tight – he is a strict, mathematically. If you Google on the occasion of “fractal structure” and “Fibonacci spiral”.

in my Quiche. First, I made a memory photo. Then I cut him – and felt strangely bad. Not because I think he could have feelings, the root is already. More because of its incredible beauty. In addition, I had given him one name. Francesco. So I had a few florets left, and pushed them back in the vegetable drawer. Now I hope every day that the jealous cauliflower freaks out completely. And by now, also you think I would have one of the swatter.