A man sitting in the train. Alone. He likes to be alone train. Done things, think. It requires no additional passenger. He watched as a man a bit confused running through the compartment. Another asks: “Looking for the toilet? The is over there!” “No,” says the man. “I’ve got a WiFi Hotspot with the name of someone I know, but I can’t find him.”

discovered his well-Known and calls out: “Kaaarl!”

or Hotspots, that is set to connect the Laptop to the Internet, the Smartphones, are traitors. The mobile phone is set quite normal, is the Hotspot with full names for all of the perimeter is visible. And you hit on people you don’t want to meet.

the wireless networks more factual name, such as UPC and a couple of Numbers. But there are also a couple of creative contemporaries, have fun when choosing the name of your Wi-Fi, very beautiful and fond of to subliminal way a message to the neighborhood.

“buy Internet”, “I come from a LAN down under”, “mom, for Internet click here”, “Hierkommstnetrein”, “network identifier failed” or “password is password”. An Internet user writes on Twitter: “sit in the Café and connect me to a network called “Martin the Router King”. And what can I say? I have a stream!”

mentioned story, meanwhile, is desperate, his full name in the Smartphone out and erase, so it is not detected in the train due to its Hotspots.

by the way means: “Ned dis-Fi”. And Your?