Great tragedy in Poland: In case of fire in an Escape Room died in Poland, five girls. As the Agency PAP reported, citing a fire Department spokesman, broke out on Friday evening in a building in Koszalin in the North during the popular outdoor game of a fire. Five girls were killed. A 25-year-old man was brought to information of the investigators, moreover, with severe burns to the hospital. How it came to the fire, remained first unclear.

Escape Rooms are the setting for adventure games, in which participants are locked in a room. To get out you must solve a series of puzzles. The leisure facilities are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, such as in the case of families, Poltarabenden and groups of friends. In Poland alone, there are around a thousand of them.

Teenager celebrated birthday

In the case of the death of the victims was a Teenager, at the age of about 15 years, said interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski in the news channel TVN24. They would have celebrated together the birthday of one of the girls. The families of the victims of the politicians of the law and justice party (PiS) to said non-bureaucratic help.

The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda spoke on Twitter of a “devastating tragedy”. Five cheerful girl had early been snatched from this life. On television shots from the scene of emergency vehicles in front of a two-storey house, front of the with a shield for the Escape Room was advertised.

fire protection measures in all the Escape rooms in Poland to

be checked To the cause of the fire, there was initially no further information. According to initial findings, the fire brigade, the fire broke out in an adjacent room. A police spokeswoman said the Agency PAP, for speculation, a gas cylinder caused the fire, it was still too early. The public Prosecutor took investigation – including witness and the owner of the games company to be interviewed.

Minister of the interior, Brudzinski announced Inspections of the fire protection measures in all the Escape rooms in Poland. This should already start on Saturday, it said. Meanwhile it became known that the operator of such services must obtain in Poland so far, no special permits from the fire Department.

Koszalin is located approximately 160 kilometres to the West of Danzig (Gdansk) in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The mayor of the city, Piotr Jedlinski, declared Sunday a day of mourning. (SDA)