The G20 of leading economic powers want to pull in the fight against the Corona-crisis together, and the world economy based in the first place with a total of five trillion US dollars.

“We feel strongly committed to this common threat to the United counter,” said on Thursday in the final Declaration to a video conference of the heads of state and government.

You will, together with the world health organization, the International monetary Fund (IMF) and other international organizations to “take all necessary steps to overcome this pandemic.” It will spare no effort to protect life and to safeguard jobs and income.

in Addition, they wanted to make a joint effort to preserve financial stability, to revive growth and disruptions in trade and in global supply chains to be kept as low as possible, in order to emerge from the crisis stronger.

had the video summit, the Saudi king invited Salman, whose country this year, the G20 presidency. The group of States unites two-thirds of the world’s population, 85 percent of global economic output and 75 per cent of world trade. The USA, China and Russia among others. For Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel took part in the video unlock.

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Here are the main results of the summit:

to combat the current pandemic: The G20 committed to the transparent sharing of epidemiological data and of the research and development of necessary materials. The production of medical goods is to be expanded. The G20 Ministers of health to draw up, to your previously scheduled discussions in April, an emergency package of measures to tackle the pandemic.

– Prevention: expenses for epidemic prevention should substantially be increased. “We are also committed to the cooperation, to promote research and development in the area of vaccines and drugs is concerned, to use digital technologies more effective and to intensify the international scientific cooperation”, – stated in the Declaration.

protection in the world economy: Already, the G20 States have scheduled, according to the Declaration of five trillion dollars for the support of the world economy. “We continue to make ambitious and large-scale fiscal support,” it States. The Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors of the G20 should elaborate a G20 action plan.

assistance for developing countries: developing countries, especially in Africa, should be supported in coping with the crisis. “The strengthening of health protection in Africa, we see as crucial for the resilience of global health,” reads the statement. “We are ready to mobilize financial resources for the development of political and humanitarian measures.”

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