In Italy, the populist Five-star movement (Cinque Stelle) and the social democratic opposition party, the Partito Democratico (PD) have reached an agreement on a government coalition. At the top of the future government of the previous Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte should be, informed Cinque-Stelle-in-chief Luigi Di Maio on Wednesday night in Rome.

President Sergio Mattarella had set the parties a deadline until the evening, order new elections to be avoided. With the Meeting with the Delegation of the Cinque point Mattarellas went on a two-day round of Consultation to the end.

The President wants to meet on Thursday morning at 9.30 am with Conte at his headquarters in the Palazzo del Quirinale. It is expected that Mattarella will give the last week resigned Conte a new mandate to form a government.

PD-chief Nicola Zingaretti had confirmed on Wednesday afternoon at a Meeting with Mattarella, the willingness of his party, a “government of change” with the Five-star movement to respond. The leaders of both parties had completed work on a joint program “positive”, said PD group, chef Andrea Marcucci after hours of long conversations.

non-Party head of government

Di Maio said that his party had held on the party, Giuseppe Conte as the Premier of the new government. Conte is a man of “great courage”, the work in the exclusive interest of Italy. “He is the guarantor for the implementation of our programme,” said the outgoing Deputy Prime Minister. Also, the PD had agreed to support Conte as Prime Minister.

The party Conte is in Italy very popular and received at the G7 summit in Biarritz, also the international back cover.

The 33-year-old Di Maio said that his movement wanted to hold the promise you’ve made to the Italians. “We are a post-ideological political force that is neither right nor left, but only after solutions to the problems of the country is looking for. Right and left are outdated templates are,” said Di Maio.

He also said that the Lega have offered him the Prime Minister post and the continuation of the joint coalition that had ruled Italy since June 2018. He thanked me for the offer, however, he had no such ambitions. He only has to think of the Best for Italy.

The Cinque point, and the Partito Democratico faced each other for a long time in deep dislike. They negotiate for a week about a possible government coalition.

interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the right-nationalist Lega had at the beginning of August, the 14-month-old coalition government with the Cinquestelle burst and the third largest economy in the Eurozone is in a serious political crisis. Salvini insists on elections this fall. Currently, his Lega leads in the polls by a wide margin. (SDA)