fire-tragedy in Bavaria! A fire broke out early Saturday morning in a single-family house in Nürnberg. For five people, help comes in the case of a fire in Nuremberg too late..

Now is a sad certainty: Four kids and a wife (✝34) is killed. “An infant died in the hospital. Three children aged four, five and seven years, died at the fire scene,” said a police spokeswoman Alexandra Federl. Four other people were hospitalized with serious injuries.

No evidence of arson

“Nine people were in the building when the fire broke out on Saturday morning,” said police spokeswoman Alexandra Federl. The rescue forces were studded with a large. As the four Survivors could not tell the authorities.

the cause of The fire was initially unclear. “We currently do not have any information on arson, determine, but in all directions,” said the police spokesperson. To the amount of damages can be made according to the current state no information reported “Swiss franc”. According to police spokeswoman Alexandra Federl the house is no longer habitable. (SDA/szm)