To the planned admission of patients coming back five more clinics, which were deployed outpatient CT centers for patients with SARS, pneumonia and suspected coronavirus infection. This became possible due to stabilization of epidemiological situation in the capital.

So, to the planned admission of patients return CT centres in polyclinics № 66 (the Saltykovskaya street house, 11b), No. 62 (Krasnoarmeyskaya 18), No. 214 (street Yelets, 14), the diagnostic centre № 3 (Sormovskaya street, the house 9) and Advisory-diagnostic polyclinic № 121 (ulitsa yuzhnobutovskaya, building 87). Already started to accept patients in 32 clinics, which was also deployed the CT centers.

nevertheless, 11 CT centers will continue to work. This amount is sufficient for the diagnosis of patients with suspected coronavirus infection.

Outpatient CT centers were opened on the recommendation of the clinical Committee. During the work they carried more than 200 thousand studies. In addition to CT here additional testing (ECG, blood test, tests for coronavirus infection), and also given free medicines for a course of treatment.

the centre for computer tomography In hospitals, returning to routine work, spent seven thousand operations

to Learn more about the prevention of coronavirus and methods of combating the disease is possible in special projects