Almost 10’000 Swiss people every year die from the consequences of tobacco use. The risks of the Glimmstängels are no secret. The most common causes of death are diseases of the Federal office for health (BAG), according to 39 percent of cardiovascular. Followed by lung cancer (28 percent), respiratory diseases (15 percent) and other types of cancer (14 percent).

Despite these Numbers and the awareness of the dangers associated with the regular handle to cigarette Smoking, about 27 percent of the Swiss population.

The less, the healthier?

The more you smoke, the more unhealthy, you’d think. Or conversely: The less you smoke, the less unhealthy. An Australian study found that smokers have an approximately three Times as likely to die of cardiovascular disease, such as non-Smoking. And also the risk to suffer a stroke or a heart attack is twice as high. Alarmingly, though: someone who smokes only 4 to 6 cigarettes a day, is a double risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease. Also, anyone who smokes relatively little, is so significant dangers.

But not only the circulatory System of moderate smokers is damaged. As expected, adopts the lung also damage. Researchers in New York carried out over a period of 20 years, lung function tests on more than 25’000 people. The sobering result: smokers and even those who had already stopped, had a worse lung function. The really Disturbing was the realization that the difference between heavy smokers and people Smoking only a few cigarettes in terms of lung function was minimal.

circulatory System

recover The lung function decreases with age naturally. The handle to the cigarette speeds up the process. And also people who smoke tend to be less of the day. Less than five cigarettes in about two-thirds cause of the study found that as much lung damage as 30% or more of the day. In General, all levels of smoke exposure with persistent and progressive are probably the lung damage associated, according to the researchers.

And also anyone who stops Smoking has to be expected that the lung function despite Smoking still worse than people who have never smoked. However, it should be envisaged — and for very many reasons. Here’s one: The study of Australia came to the conclusion that the risk is reduced by 90 percent, to get cardiovascular problems before the age of 45. Age of tobacco use to stop. And also the risk to suffer a stroke or a heart attack diminishes significantly.