The former market leader in Fitness trackers, and current subsidiary of Google has unveiled a new Motion sensor of the Batch series. Technically further developed, is missing however still a thing.

had to Now give Fitbit Apple beaten. The iPhone Builder is coming with its Apple Watch versions to about 30 percent of the market share (end of 2019), and dominated these days, the industry of Wearables.

The selection of sports on the Batch 4 has been increased photo: Social, PR, Fitbit

that’s Why the world is not looking interested in the direction of the Fitbit, which introduced after the Takeover by Google in the Winter of 2019, is still not a common product. First of all: The Batch of 4 it is also.

More technology, more Use?

This is not to say that the new Fitness and health tracker Fitbit is bad. On the contrary, the figures promise to Top-Tracker: The Batch 4 now has a built-in GPS module, which makes the portability of a smartphone to Sport unnecessary if you just want his range to be documented.