With extensive Training in the fitness Studio los is just not a lot. Instead, in times of Cornoavirus to focus on the Home-Work-out. A good option: The Bicycle-Ergometer! It is the perfect fitness machine for your Home-Work-out. We tell you which muscle groups by using the Ergometer to be trained, how many calories you burn, and when the Ergometer makes more sense than any other trainer.

Ergometer vs. trainers: Which are the differences

in addition to the Ergometer, there is the well-known trainer. These training devices differ mainly in their equipment. The home trainer is easier to set up and has no training programs. The training resistance has to be adjusted by Hand. This makes the operation of the home trainer is very easy. In General, the home trainer is cheaper than the Ergometer, and a relaxed Training is ideal.

The Ergometer has various training programs and offers variety. The heart rate program of the step is calculated resistance, and the device adjusts the resistance individually. The training performance is shown and so are guaranteed an Ergometer, the most effective Training. The various functions can be a little confusing at first, it is best to leave the settings of a fitness trainer to show. (Elliptical vs. elliptical trainer: how to find the perfect Crosstrainer for your home)

How the training plan with the Ergometer?

regularity is in the Training with the Ergometer is the most important. They train at least twice a week – enough for 20 to 30 minutes. So you can improve your endurance in a sustainable and strengthen your muscles. Before the beginning of training, you set the saddle so that you get relaxed at the pedals slightly to the front, sitting hunched, without getting back pain.

The resistance of the Ergometer is given in watts. You can choose between a manual Watt setting, and a preset training program. If you decide to use a preset program, they train according to the information of the device.

If you want to set the resistance manually, start with a low resistivity of 25 to 50 watts, depending on how fit you are. You should go the first three minutes, completely relaxed. Then you increase the load every two minutes by 25 watts, or a level. Watch your heart rate and your breathing. If your pulse increases and your breathing becomes deeper, you are in the aerobic training (read more here). This setting will hold for the next 15 to 20 minutes. At the end of the training, you should drive about in a relaxed five minutes until the heart and breathing calmed.

What muscle groups are trained with the Ergometer?

With the Ergometer you to work on your stamina. In addition, in this workout the leg, thigh, and buttocks muscles trained, as well as the abdominal muscles and the back.

How many calories burns this workout?

On the Ergometer, you can burn between 300 and 600 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of the workout. Similar to when Training with the rowing machine (read here all the rowing Work-out) the following rule applies: the stronger the resistance, the more muscle you will build.

What should I consider when buying a Ergometer?

Good Ergometer, there is a minimum of 1,000 Euro. You should make sure that the devices are TÜV tested and has a safe Stand. To not recommend cushioned trainers are mechanically. It can be difficult to step in and bring the athletes quickly get out of the rhythm. Also, make sure on the bottom bracket. A good device, the ball bearings are closed. The device should be adjusted, especially the saddle and Handlebars should be in the height and forward and backward adjustable. Loops on the pedals to give your feet an optimal Position. The Computer should be to represent the different values in a clear and easy to use. The inertia mass of the device should be at least ten kilograms, and the individual parts will run quietly.

before the purchase to advise and drive your new training device, be sure to sample. So you can find the perfect Ergometer for your needs and training goals.

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