Now the Vegans take the fish to target. In a large-scale campaign of the Association Swissveg is currently advertising against the consumption of fish and seafood. “Fish from the table”, so the Slogan, followed by provocative statements such as: “Responsible parents eat a vegan”.

It is the most expensive advertising campaign of Swissveg, the largest representation of the interests of vegetarians and vegans in Switzerland. Social Media, Ads, commercials: Overall, the campaign cost over 100’000 Swiss francs, told the club’s Sunday look.

While among boys the proportion of those increases, without meat or its consumption at least reduce, to press the case of fish and sea animals self-vegetarians often turn a blind eye. Fish is often associated with a healthy diet. In addition, many find it less bad to Kill a fish is to imagine as that of a pig or cowhide.

“Many do not recognize fish as sentient beings”

Precisely because of this “double standard”, as you referred to it, was laid out in the campaign, the focus is on fish, says Danielle Cotten of Swissveg. Because fish were among the animals would not suffer in the least, but most. “Because we don’t hear him scream, for example, identify many of the fish as a sentient being,” says Cotten.

there are from your point of view, a bunch of ethical arguments against the consumption of fish. So is seas in the campaign, especially on the Overfishing of the world, the pesticide pollution of water and the plastic pollution in the ocean – partly as a result of the fisheries – made aware of. No food contains more toxins than the fish, give the Vegans to consider.

According to fishermen, it needs political solutions

The campaign is pushing the Swiss fishermen, the anger redness in the face. Not because it denies the fact that the industry is in a sorry state. “Farmed salmon is effectively one of the most unhealthy foods you can consume,” says Philipp Safely, managing Director of the Swiss fisheries Association. “These fish are fed with feed which are highly problematic, and you have to be thoroughly with chemical agents and antibiotics to be treated.” Not only for those who eat farmed salmon, is the harmful, but also for the Ecosystem.

The fishing is but also important to emphasise: “of Native fish in our clean lakes is a very healthy food.”

a waiver was not asking the solution

The Swiss are to eat no more fish, is also not a solution for the Swissveg noted issues. The Problem of marine pollution such that it should rather be resolved politically, says Sure. “How, then, can be brought to the fishing fleets, for example, to just throw all the garbage overboard into the sea?”

Also with regard to the pesticide pollution in Swiss waters, the utility of the waiver, nothing. “As a result, it neither goes the fishing even better. More important would be to support the demands of the drinking water and pesticide Initiative,” says Safe.

Also, the WWF does not recommend a complete absence of fish and seafood. However, there is agreement with the Vegan organization Swissveg that Overfishing is a huge Problem. In addition to the climate warming, they represent the second largest threat to the oceans. The environmental organization recommends, therefore, to look for when purchasing Fish to organic, MSC or ASC Label to prefer Swiss to eat fish and generally less fish.