Fish and Senchukova was below the poverty line

Fans of the musicians offered to collect money for them.

About a week ago the musicians Natalia Senchukova and Viktor Rybin in the “Stars aligned” on NTV complained about the lack of money because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. Artists stopped concerts and left him destitute. Significant savings they have somehow also turned out to be. At that time, on account of the star couple was 31 thousand rubles.

And now, after several days, the artists are actually left without a livelihood.

“There were 1000”, – reported on its deplorable state in a personal blog of Natalia.

Publish from Natalia Senchukova (@nsenchukova_official) 19 APR 2020 7:47 PDT

Some members of the popular couple has offered to chip in the world and to support them in this difficult time. Someone invited the musicians to visit “fattening”, as one subscriber said he’d like to buy something from the stars.

However, there are also those who do not understand how the musicians were able to spend that kind of money in such a short, in their opinion, period.

“Well, you’ve chikanori for a week then blew up 30 thousand,” “a month for the same amount live,” “it’s okay, I still have 350 rubles, Recently, was 31, big spender”, “someone’s 1000, and we have a whole ruble already”, “Finally the same table as me. I have in the account 24 roubles”, – commented on the words Senchukova her followers.

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