First, the British received the right to wear maroon beret paratrooper

the 28-year-old captain in the Royal artillery Rosie Wilde became the first woman in the history of the British armed forces, which received the right to wear maroon beret, the distinguishing sign of the British paratroopers.

Congratulations to Captain Rosie Wild, who has become the first woman to pass ‘P Company’, the All Arms Pre Parachute Selection. The course is one of the most gruelling challenges for soldiers to undertake. She received her maroon beret at Catterick yesterday. #inspiration

— British Army (@BritishArmy) February 19, 2020

according to BBC, the girl had to endure a number of difficult tests. Among them, for example, a 16-mile March with a rucksack weighing 16 pounds. Moreover, the distance necessary to pass in just 1 hour 50 minutes.

Another test carrying a Telegraph pole, eight of the contenders for picks should be more than 3 kilometers to drag a log weighing 60 kilograms. In addition, the soldiers need to run some more crosses in full gear or with a stretcher. But one of the most serious challenges is a Boxing match in which you cannot avoid or block enemy attacks.

Now captain Wilde will serve as the 16th air assault brigade. The unit commander John Clark said that women in the Marines tout the approximately 90-ies, but until now, no one contender has failed to stand the test of the maroon beret. The commander called Rosie Wilde, a pioneer, whose example will inspire other women.