The continued operation of the German nuclear power plants is apparently getting closer. As the “Handelsblatt” reports, the first results of the stress test ordered by Economics Minister Robert Habeck were sent to the ministry.

The result according to the newspaper: the continued operation of two of the three remaining German nuclear power plants would make sense in two of the three scenarios tested. Only in the best-case scenario would continued operation have no positive effects. In the worst case, however, a “worst case that one does not want to imagine” threatens if the nuclear reactors are shut down as planned at the end of the year.

The companies carrying out the test – 50Hertz, Amprion, Tennet and TransnetBW – are said to have sent the results to the ministry on Wednesday. When asked by the “Handelsblatt” it only said: “There is no final stress test result; so there are no conclusions.” However, the newspaper quotes a high-ranking official who says: “There is much to suggest that there is no getting around it”.

The end of the tank discount is noticeable at the petrol pumps. On Thursday, diesel was sometimes over 2.50 euros. Fuel prices are still high on Friday morning.

Germany supports Ukraine, says Annalena Baerbock, “regardless of what my German voters think.” The Foreign Minister is currently being criticized for this statement. Chancellor Olaf Scholz stands behind his foreign minister.

A courageous man steps in when women are badly abused at a Christopher Street Day gathering. Now he’s dead. The police arrested a suspect on Friday.