Thomas Duscha says with a smile: “you will see, as this is the only ST on it, as ST is.” Then the Ford-Performance-engineer wishes me a good journey. I’m sitting at the wheel of his Team developed the Focus ST, the us in the late summer, with 280 HP and 420 Nm as a hatchback five-door (from 44’to 700 Fr.) or combination (from 46’700 Fr.) starts.

Extremely agile turbo engine

compared to The Ford Mustang from the Performance Team heavily revised 2.3-Liter turbo gasoline engine is not recognize in the Focus ST again. Thanks to the so-called “Anti-Lag” function it only depends on the extremely spontaneous on the Gas. Duscha says: “Anti-Lag minimizes the lowering of the boost pressure switch by the throttle valve during the gear change also will continue to remain open for a short period, if the driver goes off the Gas.” So the Focus ST sprints in 5.7 seconds to 100 and further to 250 km/h top. Accompanied the Whole is of a non-Intrusive, but sporty and composed Sound.

Thrilling driving behavior,

What Duscha said at the outset, I feel now in my test drive through the virtually car-empty the Hinterland of the Côte d’azur. The Combination of high torque, extremely spontaneous motor that is reactive with the ideal translated to a 6-speed transmission, the sports suspension and electronic damper control CCD, which adjusts every two milliseconds, the driving state, is inspiring. Despite some wet roads the front-wheel drive has no trouble getting its power without the loss of Traction and the wheels spin on the Asphalt. Here, the driving behavior, even in very fast cornering in a neutral manner.

Even after about 400 miles I get relaxed at the end and only very reluctantly from the comfortable Recaro sport seats and agree with the Ford developer Thomas Duscha: “There is only ST it doesn’t actually, since ST is.”

In times of climate change discussions, and CO2-limit values, the question arises, which is why Ford is launching, of all things, a new fun mobile with 280 HP and a fuel consumption of 7.9 liters (179 g/km CO2). And, apparently, also in the case of Ford fear of the own courage. Anyway, there’s the start of sales, in addition to the above-described Focus ST EcoBoost is also more economical two-litre turbo-diesel EcoBlue. This Focus ST variant makes “only” 190 HP and 400 Nm, accelerates in 7.6 seconds to 100 kph and reaches a peak of 220 km/h. the fuel consumption is only 4.8 l/100 km and 125 g/km of CO2. Logically, in hopes of Ford Switzerland with a view to 2020, applicable to new CO2 Limit of 95 grams, at least as many ST-to sell Diesel as ST-diesel. At a price, a pious wish difference of only 2500 Swiss francs for the benefit of the diesel, however, is more like it.