Who is the small three-cylinder petrol engine with up to 150 HP for a 4,61 Meter long SUV’s are too narrow-chested for the is likely to the Ford Kuga with a Plug-in Hybrid is the Right to be.

This is powered by a 2.5-Liter four-cylinder and an electric Motor with a system output of a total of 225 HP (165 kW). In contrast to the Topdiesel with 190 HP, you get the Plug-in Hybrid, but only in combination with front-wheel drive and continuously variable CVT transmission.

56 kilometers in pure electric

When you step on the Gas happens in spite of the 225 HP except for a Roar for the first time little. Blame the CVT gearbox is. All the same, The powertrain is housed the electric Motor concealed this weakness and provides at least for a little temper (0-100 km/h in 9.2 s, top of 201 km/h). But especially for a cheap standard consumption of 1844-pound SUV: which is, according to Ford, with a full battery, at only 1.4 liters of gasoline (32 g CO2) and 15.8 kWh per 100 km. Purely electrically, the Kuga PHEV comes with a single battery charge 56 miles.

a Lot of space, despite the 14.4 kWh battery pack

The Cockpit is modern and clear, the operation is simple. Only on a retractable plastic windshield projected Head-up Display is not always easy to read. The other can be better. But that does not apply to equipment and space, both of which is in the Kuga PHEV very good. The load volume varies between 441 and 1481 litres. The battery pack (14.4 kWh) is hidden in the base. Still room for a 43 litre large fuel tank (which is, for example, is greater than in the hybrid 7-series-BMW) remains.

From the 42 000 Swiss francs

Who starts the 42 000 Swiss francs expensive Kuga PHEV, this is not normally in the hybrid mode. The SUV then electrically and to switch on the gasoline engine only when the tempo of demand of the driver requires. A button on the center console, he selects the various drive modes of terrain, Normal and Sport – or pure electric.

Plug-in only with front-wheel drive

The fleets of the tight suspension tuning, the significant under-steer in bends, as well as something that needs getting used to steering with a strong restoring forces to fall Driving with only front-wheel drive is available Kuga PHEV. Who would like to Hybrid and 4×4, must wait until the end of the year to the normal hybrid version (same drive combination, but without the plug). The exact launch and price are not fixed yet.