Respectively finished working on the content market and the Russian virtual pavilion “Roskino”. The company gave the studios an opportunity to present your art and animation projects to foreign partners. In addition, in the framework of the Marché du Film of Roskino organized a virtual cinema, where the 19 films, including “palm”, “Wolves and sheep: Course a pig” and “Land of Elsa.” Separately, “RG” wrote about how the Russian were two discussion panels. Results on transactions not kept itself waiting – “Roskino” spread them in a special release.

the Movie “the Invasion” got the best deals for deals on the territory of Vietnam and Thailand. A deal with the Korean company Elevent entertainment. Today the picture is sold in more than 100 countries.

within the Marché du Film with the Spanish distributor agreed to offer the movie “the Red Ghost”. The film also sparked the interest of the buyers rights in China, Australia and New Zealand. It is worth noting that the film rights have already been closed in several European and Asian territories of the United States, Canada and Latin America. Spanish distributor also acquired the rights to the films “Friday” and “Spiral”.

In Latin America, sold the movie “Atakan. Bloody legend”, the territory North and Latin America – “the Watchman”, “Port”, “I Decided. Null”, “Seize the moment”, on agreeing to these countries offer to the film “Dear daddy.”

Signed the agreement with Japanese distributor on display in the Director’s cut of the film by Alexey Sidorov “T-34”. The film goes into wide release in Japan on July 31. Theatrical version of the film was released in Japanese cinemas in late 2019. For 5 months it had been viewed more than 65 million viewers and the box office has reached nearly 100 million yen or 900 thousand dollars. According to the distributor Chiho Maeta (company Twin Co), “T-34″ became the highest grossing Russian film in the last 20 years.”

At the end of the film market, underlining the interest of foreign distributors for the film “the Land of Elsa.” After the screening of the film is the creators got 7 requests from international film festivals, and the film is currently being discussed with partners from Germany, France, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, India, China and Singapore.

the film “Neutral” and “Running” interested buyers from countries such as Spain, Germany, Poland, China, South Korea, France and Latin America.

within the Marché du Film at the virtual booth “Roskino” foreign purchasers of films showcased three projects of the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”. This feature-length puppet film-fantasy “Hoffmanniana”, a historical adventure cartoon “Suvorov” for family viewing, which is now in the active stage of production, as well as a draft of a new full-length 3D felm “In search of treasure”, which tells of pirates and sea adventures.

Maxim Ksenzov, Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation:

– Today, the domestic industry produces competitive products, and the ability to present it is becoming one of the most important areas of our work. Producers, film companies, animation studios, it is important to participate in such projects as the Cannes film market, and to demonstrate a high level of Russian films for foreign audience. Now on the second floor this month we hear positive feedback from foreign partners. This reaction inspires us to cooperate with them and to continue the promotion of Russian culture at the global level, including the language of cinema.

Evgenia Markova, Director General of Roskino:

One of the key tasks of “Roskino” and public partners now is to support the industry in a period of uncertainty and maximise international partnerships and signing export contracts. Virtual pavilion and the screening at the online film market in Cannes became one of such points of support for producers who showed his content and continued negotiations on the projects are shown to Key Buyers Event. We see that hire abroad gradually comes to life, and although we can’t count on the planned amount of fees this year, in the summer of Russian films will begin to emerge on the big screen in other countries and shown on international online platforms. Past virtual film markets have become an excellent platform to complete the spring season of talks and preparation for the fall. “Roskino” in turn, and then plans in a timely manner to adapt to any circumstances and to offer new efficient solutions for the promotion of national content on the global markets according to our strategy.