the holiday season, it is worth noting, started not for all the many hotels and Inns, but only for 201 sanatorium and dispensary medical license. Last Saturday, the list was approved in the regional Ministry of resorts and tourism and the Olympic legacy. It resorts situated on the black sea coast, but also in other municipalities in the region rich in mineral springs – in Hot Key, Yeisk, Masty, Temryuk, Absheron, Kanev, Belorechensky, Labinsky, Slavic areas of the province and even the capital of the Kuban Krasnodar.

However, the first day of summer for various reasons, not all of them will begin to take a rest. Thus, of the 67 health centers of Anapa June 1, will open only six sanatoria, and later another 11. While the rest decided to wait. In Sochi more optimistic: of the 80 local health centers having medical license from June 1, plans to open 34 from 8 to 20 June – 13 July 1 – 18. Opening date of 15 departmental sanatoriums will be determined later. The reasons for the delay are mainly economic. After the fulfillment of all requirements of CPS is associated with high costs, to overpower which, after long periods of inactivity are few. Especially in the queue for a ticket no one is. For example, is designed for 600 seats sanatorium “Laba” June 1 pick only six campers, and for the month while sold a total of about 60 tickets.

Ticket to the sanatorium – now pass on the rest. The visitors will also be asked for two reference – the absence of coronavirus and that for at least 14 days, he had no contact with patients. All of these requirements are detailed in the memo to visitors.

While the rest will be only possible on-site health centers – fortunately most of them are located in a forested area. But the beaches, including the resorts themselves, and the quays remain closed. The following stages of the opening of the resort season on Kuban plan to discuss in early June. The Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev noted that to accept on rest of children in the region is not yet ready.

According to the managers of those resorts, which opened June 1, the cost of permits in the coming months will not be increased.

Anna Popova, head of Rospotrebnadzor:

Mask on the beach we were not offered and not offered, but the distance between vacationers for people not connected to family relations, it is necessary. Must be social distance is necessary and on the beach, too.

In the Republic of Crimea the start of the tourist season was divided into several stages. For guests from other regions of Russia, the Peninsula will remain closed at least until July. June 1, restaurants and cafes are allowed to open the terrace outdoors, and when wellarchery epidemiological scenario, 15 Jun sanatorium with medical licenses can only take vacationers with the Crimean registration.

Before the opening of the resorts will be obliged to implement all the recommendations of the CPS, and before starting they will check a special Commission. To work in this format until agreed only about 40 accommodation facilities.

In Sevastopol, June 1, earned a summer ground of a cafeteria and restaurants, removed restrictions on access to parks and waterfronts, permitted boat trips, open fitness centres and sports clubs, and since June 15 allowed hotels.

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