Best documentary was “Of Fathers And Sons” by Talal Derki – it’s about an Islamist father and his sons.

the award for best sound design went to the Team of the sailing drama “Styx”. As in the case of the presentation of the nominees, only images of men appeared, sang a Moderator Tedros Teclebrhan “It’s A Man’s World” and got a round of applause.

The makers of “The Golden glove” were awarded for your mask image. The Film by Fatih Akin tells the story of the serial killer Fritz Honka, killed in Hamburg several women. Main cast Jonas Dassler had to every day for a long time in the mask.

The Lola’s are considered the most important national award in the film industry. The approximately 2000 members of the German film Academy have voted on the most is the winner.

The Lola for best art went to Susanne Hopf for “Gundermann”. The Drama about the eponymous DDR-songwriter and excavator driver was considered a favorite of the German Film. The Film by Andreas Dresen was nominated in a total of ten categories.

the evening was Moderated by the actors Désirée Nosbusch (“Bad Bank”) and Teclebrhan (“system, sprinkler”). The ZDF should the ceremony with a time delay after 22.55 PM.