Sunday evening had to the south and South – Jutland Police for the first time to print a fine for breaking the rules that restaurants must stay closed in order to limit the infection with the corona virus.

A serveringssted at Henne Beach was on Sunday night exposed in the open and the servers for the guests.

It tells the TV to the South.

Since Wednesday, there have to limit the infection with the corona virus has been a ban on gatherings of more than 10 persons and at the same time, restaurants, cafes, taverns, nightclubs, and malls stay closed up to 30. march.

the Five guests sat behind locked doors in the bar and was serving when the police came to the spot.

“It triggered a charge to serveringsstedets owner of 5,000 crowns. He was thus also the first in the politikredsen, who gets a penalty after the introduction of the new rules on assemblies,” says vagtchef Bjørn Pedersen, South – Jutland Police, on Monday morning to the TV the South.

there Had been more than 10 persons present at the inn, they had each been given a fine of 1,500 crowns for violating the ban on assemblies.

the Caterer was so upset over the police’s unexpected visit, he is also incurring an additional fine to the pig ushers both with words and a fuckfinger.