the Swiss to earn a higher education degree in an international comparison, outstanding. Among the Top 10 universities with the highest-earning graduates are four Swiss schools – and the rank one to four. Is headed the Ranking of the University of St. Gallen: 205’000 Swiss francs per year after five to ten years of professional experience.

On place two and three of the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich. The final light of the Swiss Quartet is the University of Applied Sciences Zurich (ZHAW). Here graduates earn approximately 162’000 Swiss francs. The results of a survey of the wage comparison portal Emolument. The first salary, however, depends not only of the school but also strongly on the chosen discipline.

the subject and the University are essential

The bandwidth of wages in Switzerland is, in fact, quite large. Between 65’000 and 120’000 Swiss francs high school can earn graduates in Switzerland, as the compensation expert, Urs Klingler, opposite the “balance sheet” says. What this means in average, the Federal office for statistics, of all things.

The study is worth it but still, the Numbers of the BFS show. 2012 high school graduates an average of 1.7 have earned times as much as someone with a completed vocational training. A more detailed Overview of the Portal of vocational guidance There, interested parties can obtain information on job opportunities, starting salary, and the satisfaction of the individual fields of study.

Here you earn the most

In the branches, the thickness of wages, are figures of the public administration, insurance and Finance ahead of the game. As the wages rise with experience at the fastest. After five years that can be earned with 115’000 CHF 30’000 Swiss francs more than at the beginning.

Also Trustee and adviser to Switzerland, earning top moderately. On average, there are between 110 000 and 113 000 Swiss francs. Who wants to clean up the entry into the profession, the needs in computer science. There is obtained after a completion of 90’000 Swiss francs in the year. This is shown in the salary study by the universities of applied Sciences.

The salary is not everything

The salary is not the most Important for Swiss students. The student survey conducted by the Trendence Institute. Even in the case of students in disciplines, which is often accused of having a certain amount of fixation on content, not the money is far from the only concern.

self-host operating scientists and engineers a salary to take his buses if you will be given opportunities for further development, a good dealing with superiors, and a harmonious balance between work and private life.

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