Only nine seconds it takes me until the fabric roof of the VW T-Roc convertible disappears, and the interior in a light-filled sun terrace. A little airy, however, because a wind is not SCHOTT’s. In contrast to the similar-sized Range Rover Evoque convertible, which was launched in 2016.

The little storm doesn’t spoil us in the mood. Especially since not only the open roof provides a good atmosphere, but also the Interplay of the 150 HP (110 kW) 1.5-TSI-engine with the lowered R-Line chassis. The small turbo petrol engine comes with the 1524-pound T-Roc prima coping (0-100 km/h in 9.6 s, top 205 km/h). On average, he is to consume just 5.7 liters, thanks in part to cylinder deactivation, and a moderate driving style.

Variable damper for the fun of driving

But a lot of Fun, the T-Roc convertible is in brisk driving on twisty country roads. The six-speed manual transmission fits perfectly and also allows a way of switching lazy driving. Thanks to suspension with variable dampers you can tune the front-wheel drive T-Roc, is in the Individual driving mode according to the personal preferences. In everyday life, the noticeably distinctive programs “Eco”, “Comfort” and “Sport enough”.

the Front of a generous size and the rear tight,

in pairs and sitting at the front unmarred. In the back it gets in the 2+2-seater but not very stormy, but also closely. The approach works thanks to the large doors and to the front, sliding to Sit still, to some extent. However, for larger adults it gets almost to the legs and with a closed convertible top on the head. Not surprisingly, at 4.27 meters in length, you can conjure up, no coach. And also the trunk is short with a capacity of 280 litres. But that the Luggage compartment is rugged and a high loading lip has. After all, the rear seat backrests folded down.

Digital, but hard-plastic-look and feel

As is the case with VW usual, you look as a driver on the virtual animated instruments, whose appearance and arrangement can change. In the case of the hard plastic look of the cockpit you can feel but the axe of the developers, there is also grained surfaces or color to help available applications little. The Infotainment with the touch screen as the Central control panel works fine.

The prices of the first VW-SUV-Cabrio start from 35’750 Swiss francs (1.0 TSI, 115 HP/84 kW). Our driven stronger T-Roc convertible 1.5 TSI R-Line’s from 46’050 CHF. Who needs such a thing? Wait to see if the VW T-Roc Cabrio hits better than the former Range Rover Evoque convertible. The latter has been set back.