After the emergence of monkeypox in people in Europe and the USA, the World Health Organization (WHO) called for rigorous tracing of all contacts of those affected. The WHO announced on Wednesday evening that clinics and the population should be made aware of the need to have an unusual skin rash examined by specialists.

If the suspicion of monkeypox is confirmed, patients should be isolated. Health workers should take the usual precautions to protect themselves against infections that can spread through contact or droplets.

The WHO emphasizes that hand hygiene, which has become a matter of course for many people during the corona pandemic, helps against the risk of transmission. This includes thorough hand washing with soap and water and disinfectants. According to the information available, the WHO considers travel or trade restrictions with Great Britain to be unnecessary at the moment.

Previous cases of monkeypox were usually due to travel to areas in West and Central Africa where the virus is known, according to WHO information. The first person affected in Great Britain had also entered the country from Nigeria. According to WHO information, monkeypox has been increasing among people in Nigeria since 2017. A total of 558 suspected cases have been reported there since then. 241 were confirmed and eight people died from it.

According to previous information, the other patients reported from Great Britain had infected themselves in Great Britain. “The extent of the local contagion is still unclear at this time and it is possible that further cases will be identified,” said the WHO. She did not address cases in other western countries.

A traffic control has escalated in Munich. Because a Porsche driver raced towards them, two police officers were forced to use their firearms.

A 13-year-old boy found 14,900 euros in cash at an S-Bahn station. But instead of taking the money he found to the police, he made a nice living with friends and squandered a large part of the sum. Only the parents of the children ended the life of luxury.

More than a year and a half after the theft of millions in the main customs office in Emmerich in North Rhine-Westphalia, four suspects have been identified. A German customs officer is among them. He is said to have provided the thieves with insider information.