Later in may to follow the 5G mobile phone of the Korean manufacturer LG, as well as in July, the box-office hit Galaxy S10 by Samsung. The new generation of mobile communications promises to be more up-Tempo, faster response times and higher capacities.

With the 5G-capable phones, the Swiss users can take advantage of the benefits of the new mobile radio technology, wider. Sunrise about supplies since the beginning of April, over 150 cities and places with 5G. So far, only selected customers of Sunrise were about 5G-Internet ” box ” at home or in the company about 5G on the Internet. Thanks to a trial license, Sunrise in Switzerland, was able to get started quickly.

Swisscom had connected your 5G network two weeks ago, in 54 towns live. By the end of the year you plant, about 90 percent of Switzerland with the new generation of mobile telephony cover. Salt plant, according to previous data, the 5G technology in the third quarter. The 5G frequencies that were auctioned off in February for a total of around 380 million Swiss francs. (SDA)