Despite the pandemic and the subsequent disruption of plans of the major players of the fashion industry, French house Chanel continues to be stick to your strategy and not to lose touch with the buyer. Canceling the show cruise collection on the island of Capri, which was to be held in early may, the brand still found a way to demonstrate it — in the form of video presentations on the web site. This is the first collection, shown after the end of the quarantine in Europe during which the French and Italian factories.Photo: Karim Sadli / ChanelНа for many years to Chanel, no expense is spared, arranged to showcase their cruise collections of stunning, lush show on the streets of Havana, the beaches in California Venice beach, a café in Saint-Tropez or under the dome of the Grand Palais with the big scenery. In the new conditions resulting from the pandemic coronavirus, all of these techniques were unavailable. Neither the audience nor the star of the first row, or shooting influencers in novelties. This happens in the history of the fashion house for the first time, and it is obvious that this is a new Chapter in every sense. If you leave the arguments about the fate of the fashion industry on the side and look only on clothes and accessories (in the format of a video presentation to be distracted actually more and nothing, well, except that is unattainable for us is the Mediterranean landscapes) in the first place is striking, how good it is. It will want regardless of age category. In boutiques around the world it goes, by the way, starting from November 15, 2020.Photo: Karim Sadli / ChanelКоллекция called “the Ballad of the Mediterranean”, it has no reflection in a pandemic, no topical codes to look for here. “Of the island, the smell of eucalyptus, pink hues of bougainvillea” — describes its associative creative Director of Chanel Virginie VIAR. Among the sources of inspiration — the legendary actress of the 1960s, vacationing on the Italian and French Riviera. VIAR created “wardrobe that you can carry in a small suitcase on wheels, shapere and embroidered purse.” That is selling a capsule that included things that mesh perfectly together. This is a very practical approach, close to modern women who prefer mobility, freedom and functionality and not forgetting about the elegance of solutions. So, the collection includes things transformers. For example, long skirts become dresses strapless, and long jackets of black chiffon can be worn over a bikini by the pool and in the evening with embroidered bandeau top and jeans.Photo: Karim Sadli / ChanelОснова the basics — tweed will not go away, but these jackets and skirts became trendy-sounding. Suits with shorts-Bermuda — new summer base. They should complement the massive glasses with a visor. Wide flare jeans seriously ottesNeely any other model. At Chanel they are decorated with panels of cotton fabric pattern Camellia. The soft crop-tops accent the straps of the chain, without which, apparently, is the future trend bow would be unthinkable. Among the bags, particular attention was drawn to toty that mimic shopping bags, straw box, “overgrown” black skin, which do not seem overtly summer accessories and will fit into the urban casual images.Photo: Karim Sadli / ChanelПосле this video presentation of Chanel plans to participate in the digital version of the Paris fashion week. The physical catwalk fashion house hopes to return in October, it is expected that this will be the last show of the brand at the Grand Palais, before the complex closed for renovation before the summer Olympics in Paris, scheduled for 2024. The fashion show is still the best way to tell about the collection, sure to Chanel.Photo: Karim Sadli / Chanel