the Only difference between the economy’s ailments from human disease: asymptomatic, the virus is not moved, no business. But the lessons entrepreneurs from the crown of the crisis, is priceless. Lessons that any business benefit by and large secondary. In the near future people will appreciate the benefit of a company is not the volume of output or services rendered in the era of pandemic, and the actions and events that make life more comfortable and safer.

And it is significant that in the midst of an epidemic of German companies operating in Russia, despite financial difficulties, made for the entire business community by example in building a new corporate programs, the introduction to responsible conduct of business under difficult conditions, thereby supporting the Russian economy and ensuring cohesion in society.

“German business in Russia has always been known for making a bet for the long term. He not only actively invests in construction of factories, shops, hotels and businesses. But also very responsible attitude to the social side of its activities, taking part in charity programs and actions, – the Chairman of the Committee on corporate social responsibility of Russian-German chamber of Commerce (AHK) and the General Director of Antal Russia Michael Germershausen. – The majority of companies prefer not to dwell on this part of the activity, considering that the impulse to return good society does not need additional advertising. Only together can we be strong.”

nevertheless, we will discuss several interesting projects of German companies in our country. So, Henkel Russia gave more than 200 million units of cosmetic products and detergents charitable and volunteer organizations in the regions with the highest number of cases of coronavirus: Moscow, the Moscow and Leningrad regions. These products were sent to retirees and elderly people living alone, single mothers, the disabled, poor and large families. Social projects supported by the UN regional representative offices of the company. The plant in Engels gave products to charities and medical facilities and also allocated funds for the construction of infectious diseases hospital in Saratov. In addition, the company supported Federal action #Myvote. Together with the project “Basket of kindness” has joined the collection of commodities for single pensioners, and also gave laptops and mobile phones the use of volunteer staff and call center promotions. “The situation requires solidarity and readiness to support each other and pay special attention to those who cannot always take care of itself”, – said the President of Henkel Russia Sergey Bykovsky.

Sethü hypermarkets “Globus” in Russia is not new fundraisers. For ten years, retailers are working with the Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans”. In the beginning of the period of isolation in the Foundation handed over 200 kg of food for families in difficult life situations. In the halls of hypermarkets in Kotelniki near Moscow, Yaroslavl and Vladimir a dedicated place to gather goods to help the needy: the event attracted buyers online. “Globe” helped the needy before. The company has a regular charitable program. For example, to transfer one percent of the sales for each product its own brands sponsored charity organizations are in every city.

are unable to stand aside during the struggle with COVID-19 in Russia and manufacturer of high-tech equipment for surgery and emergency medicine manufactured by Karl Storz company. The first thing the specialists of the company began to actively translate on Russian language foreign recommendations and standards on work safety in operbloka assistance COVID patients. The materials were placed online for free access. The next important stage of assistance was the training of staff new intensive care units of hospitals working with the equipment in extreme conditions COVID-19. In particular, in the Moscow clinical center of infectious diseases “Raven” with the support of German specialists conducted a master-class devoted to the problem of the respiratory tract in patients COVID-19. In addition, the company has provided in “the Raven” two training complex for interaction between surgeons, collected from different hospitals with different experience in laparoscopy.

A well-known chemical concern BASF has helped to ensure regional health facilities, protection for several months. The group delivered donated a large consignment of medical masks in Kaluga and Rostov region. Protection was transferred to the center for combating coronavirus infection in may of this year and will be distributed among medical institutions. Needs of regions in masks managed to assess, in collaboration with authorities: in each of the regions was sent to 50 thousand masks. These remedies have all the necessary properties: when the production used a hypoallergenic and breathable material that is soft and durable.

“We are committed to fully support health care workers who put themselves in danger to save other people’s lives – said the head of BASF in Russia and CIS Christophe Roerig. – The project was implemented thanks to the coordinated work and coordinated efforts of a team. I am proud that this initiative complements the global programme BASF Bor��e COVID-19 and we were able to help the doctors in Russia, one of the key areas for concern”.

Contributed to help the victims from the crown of the crisis and the Russian branch of consulting firm Rodl & Partner, supporting charity Foundation “rehabilitation of the child. Centre G. N. Romanov”, which is headed by Maria von Moltke. The Fund was established for rehabilitation of children with disorders of Central and peripheral nervous system, pathologies of the musculoskeletal apparatus and respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma. In 22 years here, has helped over five thousand children. And here’s Fund found himself in a difficult position: because of the pandemic, donations have also declined and was nothing to pay the salaries of working employees. Managing partner at Rodl & Partner in Russia and Central Asia Dr. Andreas Knaul decided to support the Foundation’s largest donation and thus help the philanthropists to cope with financial difficulties. He explains his decision by the fact that the professional owe a lot to Russia, and in such a critical situation, considers it necessary to help those in need. The company Rodl & Partner intends to help the Foundation “rehabilitation of the child. Centre G. N. Romanova” in the future, particularly to find sources of long-term financing for a major project.

these examples are only a drop in the ocean of social responsibility of business, which every year becomes more and more significant.