Directly in the waters of the Neva will be five ships. At the embankment of Lieutenant Schmidt – the training ship “Perekop”, small anti-submarine ship “Kazan”. On the promenade des Anglais is a minesweeper “Paul GENOV” and anti-sabotage boat “Nahimovets”. Also in the celebrations will involve the cruiser “Aurora”. This legendary ship will be small, but, as promise in the Western military district, a brilliant concert by the Admiralty orchestra of the Leningrad naval base.

10.00 the crews of all the vessels will hold the Grand building. It is known that the military will keep a distance, but mainly the build will not be different from usual.

Traditionally on Victory Day, the townspeople could climb the ships. This year in connection with preventive interventions access to court outsiders is prohibited. Will come ashore and the crew.

But the air part of the parade will be held in full scale. In the sky over St. Petersburg will fly the Mi-8, Mi-24 and Ka-52, dubbed the “Alligator.” Will lead system of helicopter Mi-26. Also citizens will be able to see an-26, An-12 and Tu-134, su-35, su-30 SM, su-34, MiG-31 BM.?All will be involved seventeen planes and twelve helicopters.

the Flyby will begin on Piskaryovskoye memorial, then aviaoughiner will fly to the center of the city, and then headed towards Kronstadt. Rehearsal flight will take place on 7 may at 10.00.

Traditionally, the flight of military aircraft during the holidays, the townspeople watched from the Palace square, but this year, to go downtown makes no sense. Time-span of military equipment will take less than five minutes, and then no entertainment in the heart will not follow. For aircraft and helicopters, many will be able to watch from your balcony. But those who can not, should not get upset: the townspeople promise quality stream, and the filming will be carried out not only from earth but from the air.

As stated by the commander of ZVO Colonel-General Alexander Zhuravlev, flypast will take place over twelve cities. In addition to St. Petersburg, among them Vologda, Kaliningrad, Island, and also the Voronezh, Kursk, Orel, Belgorod, Smolensk, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Vyazma.

a Midday shot from the cannon of the fortress will also be devoted to the Victory Day. It is known that the right to exercise the shot will be awarded to one of the veterans of the great Patriotic war. Of course, the soldier will provide all PPE. The territory itself before the shot and after the gala event will be disinfected.

this year, participating in all the celebrations associated with the laying of flowers is limited. That is, the flowers will be laid, but without the large crowds of people.

at 19.00 In PetersRGE, as well as across the country, citizens urged after a minute of silence out on the balcony with photos of their loved ones that have passed through the Great Patriotic war.

And at 22.00 the Peter and Paul fortress burst of fireworks.


a Few months ago, when nobody had no idea of the scale of the epidemic in Petersburg, was formed by another program of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. It is expected that when life will return to normal in Petersburg, as in many other cities of the country, will be large-scale events in which can participate anyone.

a Traditional action “Immortal regiment” is not canceled. But instead of the usual thousands-strong procession will be held in a different format. Pillars with portraits of relatives who fought in the great Patriotic war, proposed to consolidate on the balcony or to put in the Windows of apartments.

in addition, everyone will be able to take part in an online campaign “Immortal regiment”, which this time will be held in online format. It’s enough to place a portrait of a relative on social networks with the hashtag #Bessmertnykh. The festive issue of the virtual pillar, you can use various Internet services, for example, the site “Immortal regiment” or the centre “the Patriot.” An impromptu procession will be shown on the Central TV channels and the Internet.