The Handover of the Petition was attended by numerous activists and members of the Federal Parliament, as the initiators of the project told. The concern is directed at economy Minister, Guy Parmelin and environment Minister Simonetta Sommaruga.

Bolsonaro promotes deforestation of the Amazon

Since the appointment of Jair Bolsonaro as President of Brazil, have accelerated the deforestation of the Amazon dramatically, according to the communication from the Petitionäre. A free trade agreement with Brazil allows more Brazilian meat and soy exports, and promote the deforestation of the balance of the climate of the major rain forests.


The free trade agreement with the four MERCOSUR countries-Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, but also not economically sensible, is Andreas free müller, managing Director of the campaign Organisation Campax, in the message quote.

He recalled that France, Ireland and Luxembourg, the Efta States Norway and Iceland Brazil’s lack of protection of the rain forest have complained, and, therefore, with a Blockade of the agreement threaten.

“In substance” had been agreed by the Efta-countries Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein with the Mercosur countries of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay on the last Friday in Buenos Aires for a free trade agreement. 95 percent of the Swiss exports are exempt from customs. (SDA)

Mercosur stands for Mercado Común del Sur, English the “Common market of the South”. It is a single market in the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Other countries, such as Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia are associated.

Switzerland wants to negotiate a free trade agreement with the Mercosur countries. So the Swiss economy would gain access to a market of 260 million people and about 72 percent of the area of South America. Here is a gigantic market for the whole of Switzerland is so.

The EU is already more

Until now, Switzerland only exports Goods and services worth four billion Swiss francs in the South of America. The duties under the economic umbrella organisation Economiesuisse to the high Import. An average of seven per cent, has to pay the duty, who wants to sell his Goods in the Mercosur region. But it can also be significantly more – up to 35 percent. Such duties would be reduced with a free trade agreement step of the way.

The EU has concluded with the Mercosur countries in June, a free trade agreement. This means that Swiss companies are at a disadvantage compared to the EU-competition solid.

Switzerland, on the finish straight?

A General agreement has already been achieved, even if not all Details are clear and nothing is signed. And then also, Parliament must give its blessing. Skepticism reigns at Left and farmers. Because by doing so, the Swiss machine industry, and service providers can conquer South America, the Mercosur countries, in turn, that their agricultural products duty free into Switzerland.

And that scares the Swiss farmers. Because Brazil and Argentina are Agricultural giants. In particular, in the case of beef production, it is not able to absorb the local farmers, with the South Americans. (sf)