Firefighters will instruct the parents whose children go to

it is Expected that a large number of school-age children will move to the so-called “udalenka”. That is, they will not go to school, and all training will be carried out at home. What they do there will be all day while parents are at work, nobody knows. But the risks are clearly increasing, therefore, the concern of the MOE is clear.

Photo: Press-service of the Ministry of education As reflected in the school education measures for the prevention of coronavirus

it is not clear in the end only one thing, how, exactly, inspector of the Ministry of emergency situations will carry out checks and rounds. Yet absolutely no accurate understanding in the Ministry. The fact that previously the government ordered the emergencies Ministry to suspend all testing at the time of the threat of the spread of coronavirus. But exhort parents only through their own website are ineffective. Hardly anyone of the parents especially in villages and remote areas generally knows the address of the website of the Ministry. Thus, we are to follow only the information that was officially circulated by the press service of the rescue Department.

“At a time when children spend most of their time at home, prevention of adherence to the rules for handling appliances, furnace heating and fire is of particular relevance. Warning risk of fires because of the antics of the child with the fire – responsibility of adults – said Rinat Enikeev, whose word brings the press service quoted Director of the Department of supervision and preventive work of the EMERCOM of Russia said that since the beginning of this year in the country when the fires have killed 76 minors.

that is why the Ministry and encourages parents carefully monitor their children during distance learning at home and to observe fire safety rules.

And these the rules the inspectors will bring to parents in several ways. In any case, as explained in the press service of the emergencies Ministry, the work on the rounds of houses and apartments will be held in conjunction with the managing companies. In the private residential sector and apartment houses employees of Gospozhnadzora residents will have if not wait, then at least know in advance about their arrival. Rather, management companies are now starting to put up some posters informing tenants that the MOE carries out preventive actions for compliance with fire safety regulations.

Petersburg first in the country to create a resource for students “on remote”

Will apply the handout on the given topic. As emphasized in the MOE, the citizens ‘ attention is drawn to the timely health check of the heating furnace, wiring, sockets, shields, plugs of electrical appliances, the use of electric heaters at a safe distance from flammable items.

In the period of distance learning at home and during school holidays children should not be left to themselves, needs constant parental control. EMERCOM of Russia asks to pay special attention parents on the organization of safe home-school children. Parents need to talk with the children the rules of fire safety, including when using household appliances and computer equipment.