Firefighters were called to put out the burnt dinner

In Chelyabinsk today called the fire Department and ambulance to extinguish the burnt dinner.

a Squad of firefighters and medics were called to the street October in Traktorozavodsky area to rescue residents of the apartment buildings. Meanwhile, residents of the home watched as the building came two vehicles of the emergencies Ministry, ambulance and police, but no fire and no smoke.

Firefighters rushed to the door and started knocking to the specified apartment. The owner from behind the closed door said that blocked, but the tent was enveloped in a strange smoke. It was decided to expand spectastic from the street and climb into the apartment through the balcony. However, reports GTRK “southern Ural”, in an apartment fire only to find burnt food on the stove.

Witnesses suggested that the man in the apartment was closed by accident, and it in such an original way decided to liberate themselves from captivity. Now he faces, at least, administrative punishment.

Text: STRC “South Ural”