McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook (52) is stumbled across the affair with an employee. The company’s policies prohibit their heads of any of the company’s internal romances. That’s why the Brit’s out of a Job at the top of the largest Fast Food company in the world. And, even though it was a friendly affair. In Switzerland, a similar case would be unthinkable, as a survey shows.

A report from McDonald’s to the U.S. securities and exchange Commission reveals how expensive Easterbrook comes to his forbidden love: According to the document of the Top-Manager will be entitled to a Severance payment has. This is set to the payment date of 26 weeks. This means that Easterbrook gets around 660’000 Swiss francs. The sum is to be made to him in six months paid off.

a Lot of money in the shares of bound

most of The money is likely to Easterbrook but his Fast-Food-dumping of shares. According to “Bloomberg” to have his packages with a potential value of around 37 million Swiss francs. Other sources estimate the value to 60 million. The exact amount depends on the share price and partly on the future success of the company. Only if McDonald’s achieves certain objectives, flows Easterbrook the money.

Difficult job because of the stark prohibition of competition

Stingy the former employer, however, in a point – and that could potentially be expensive. The agreement with McDonald’s provides for a two-year competition ban. Six months more than in his contract of employment were originally intended. In this time, he may at any Restaurant-Business hiring, the than competing with the business of McDonald’s in any way. Easterbrook needs to orientate your professional career is likely to be quite new.

As the report to the securities and exchange Commission called the 33 companies that are for Easterbrook taboo. Including Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, or Domino’s Pizza. However, the list is not exhaustive. This means that the Redundant, a new Job, he must first take with the lawyers of McDonald’s consultation and on their Okay to hope.

The most expensive part is the dismissal of the CEOs of the Fast-Food group – at least in the short term. The stock fell on Monday temporarily above 3 per cent in value. The price slump has cost McDonald’s nearly 4 billion Swiss francs. In the course of the year, the shares are still in the Plus. (jfr)