FIPI called the minimum scores OGE, which will take specialized classes

so, to claim the profile on the Russian language, it is necessary to collect at MSE no less than 26 points (five starts with 29).

Photo: iStock Professor msupe told, why students find it difficult to learn

For other rules of mathematics. Want in natural-scientific profile? Need to score at least 18 points. Future economists only 18 points for physical and mathematical profile – 19.

you Want to profile in physics? Earn the exam at least 30 points out of a maximum 43-H. In the profile of chemistry will take, if received from 27 points in the biological class, you can write a statement if you scored 33 points on OGE. Geographic need to get 23 points, and if you dream about the historical profile, then at least for the Challenger – 24.

And if your school already has a profile class and it filled all the places? Teachers will look at how students passed OGE and select future students by scores. The idea is that if the student is non-core class passed the subject better than the one that learns the profile, preference should be given to a more competent student.