It is unusual that this late in the year, new models will be presented. In fact, the new Nokia 8.1 creates it only in January in the shops. 449 Swiss francs is the cost of the device – it is worth a bit of Christmas money to keep? VIEW could try out the Smartphone at the headquarters of the HMD Global in Finland – this is the company of Ex-Nokia employees, which owns the brand rights for the Smartphones.

These are the reasons for the new Nokia 8.1

As always, the Finns put on the Nordic look and feel, so a simple but timeless Design. Well, the cut edges like the light coloring. Otherwise, the Nokia works 8.1 all-round high-quality and modern, with the back made of glass.

The 6,18-inch screen is bright and sharp. Thanks to the thin edges of the device as a whole is not huge and sits well in the Hand. In fact, the new Nokia has a Notch, by default, is hidden. At first glance, one thinks, to see the top of a black border. On the second Look you can see that the Screen is colored black, and only Displays such as the battery level to be displayed, or mobile reception in White.

: On the device, the latest Android runs 9 Pie – and a pure Version, without any additional alteration by the manufacturer of the device. This has some advantages: The operating system to be running ultra fast and will get every month a security update and is guaranteed for three years.

In the first Test of the camera system – so far a weakness of Nokia. No wonder: It comes with 12 Megapixel Sensor from Sony, which is also incorporated in most top models. There’s also a 13-Megapixel Sensor for the depth sensor, so that you can shoot portraits with a blurred Background. The focus is fast and precise, taking great photos quick and easy. The portrait-function is in order, even if here, iPhone, Google pixels, the Huawei Mate and co. still have clear advantages. But The 8.1 has an exceptionally good camera for the middle class.

Here, it is still unclear whether Nokia can convince

Although Nokia promises two days without Recharging. If it works really, needs to show a more detailed Test. The battery is only 3500 mAh large, others offer considerably more. Conversely, the processor needs less juice than those of the upper class.

The Nokia comes with a Snapdragon 710 with 4 GB of memory, there’s 64 GB of storage, which are expandable. The processor is located clearly below the upper class. What is not so bad, because the pure Android is stifling him. Nevertheless, this is not a miracle thing, but solid food.

At these points, the Nokia power 8.1 smears

To use this feature, the Finns abandon, although the device’s back is made of glass, which would be ideal for wireless Charging. In the middle class have only a few in the upper class of Wireless Charging is Standard.

The Nokia 8.1. has no certification. So you have to be in the rain and near the water gently.

The new Smartphone from Nokia may be a lot of things very well but has no Feature that stands out so specifically. A little artificial intelligence, a little independent Design but no function found nowhere else in this way. This is not bad and in the middle class also common.

After the first Try behind the Nokia 8.1 leaves a very good impression. For around 450 Swiss francs, you get a fancy, high-quality and good Smartphone that leaves nothing to be desired. Who does not want to spend 800 to 1000 francs for a top of the line unit, but still value a decent camera, should look at the new Nokia from January.