Finn* (9 months) is a ray of sunshine. He smiles, crawls, or plays and chews on things, as it makes every other Baby his age also. Only those who look closely, noted his extraordinary left Hand. It is a malformation of The Hand was not complete, the fingers are formed only in the approach. Doctors speak of a Dysmelia.

Only four to five babies per year in Switzerland, with such a Hand deformity to the world. Finn’s family from the Canton of Zurich to go with the Handicap naturally. His mom says to VIEW: “Him, don’t really care, he used the Hand as well. We notice it in everyday life at all. Finn is a normal kid.”

The dad adds: “for the future we do not have any big Worries and not think that he is being bullied in school.” He grow up with the children in the village. “And we give him quite a lot of self-confidence, he will make his way already. We are solid in life – that’s what counts.”

people tell positive examples

Also from the environment, they would have received not a single negative reaction. “The people don’t notice mostly at first,” said the mother. “And if it is, then tell you examples of people who were in life with such a deformity, and even surgeons have been!”

someone to look a little longer, don’t take Finn’s parents people bad. “I see that, Yes, if someone has something. This is quite normal,” said Finn’s dad. “And if anyone asks, we explain that he came in to the world. Looking at it briefly, and then the thing is done.”

“You don’t need to hide”

Finn’s mother would like to make other Affected courage. “You don’t need to hide. Therefore, we want to desensitize.” The family is a big Fan of Bionicman. This is a super-hero with high-tech bionic hand prosthesis, the fights in his adventures against prejudice and bullying and by the way, people in Need of rescue. The inventor of the comic character is ZH Michel Fornasier (41) from Dübendorf. “We have also met him. He’s doing super!”, Finn’s mother says. “His message is Enthinderung instead of disability. We big find-like!”

What you don’t know Finn be answers to the question of why he came up with a Dysmelia on the world, his parents still. Because you don’t know the cause just like most of the other parties Concerned. “When other children ask, then I’ll just say that in the belly of his fingers otherwise have grown. This is for you, then a plausible explanation.”

Germany is now looking for the cause

In Germany is now looking for the cause of such Hand malformations, after three babies within a few weeks in the same clinic came to the world. “That you are trying to find, it is very important to us,” said Finn’s mother. “For us, it helps nothing. But maybe you can prevent sometime other cases.”

Operationally, is to make Finn nothing. The dad says that he would not agree anyway. “My son must decide whether he wants a prosthetic hand, or what there is to then the possibilities are.” And Finn’s mom adds: “For us, he is perfect just the way he is.”

* the Name has been changed