as soon As we removed the regime of self-isolation, we will immediately leave the shooting period, says producer known audience favorite trilogy of “Private pioneer”, all three of which have consistently received the audience award of the festival “the Double DV@”. – I think that after the pandemic, after difficult months of General stress viewers will want to watch something light, optimistic, life-affirming and we decided to make a Comedy about love, about the sun and of youth. We will shoot in Sevastopol – where the lovely, bright nature. Director – Alain Rubinstein, behind which there is only one picture – a film by, “It’s not forever.” The young of the whole crew, including the main actors. Of the older generation had already agreed to play Roman Madyanov and Vasily Mishchenko. Now comes the casting – Yes, without breaking the isolation. The Director sends the actors fragments of scenario, they play them and send the survey back, Alan it all looks – and so selects the future heroes of the picture.

the Producer was echoed by Director Alain Rubinstein

– of Course, at this time I want to shoot something bright, light and cheerful: when will end all this grim story with a pandemic. People are always drawn to something positive and bright, and now is especially important. So it will be a romantic Comedy with elements of action, dance, humour and many funny situations. What you will not: this policy, “horror” and vulgarity. Heroes – young Sevastopol flashmobile, and this is a story about growing up, about changing values about love. I once filmed in Sevastopol, which is considered a severe city but it has a romantic flair, and really want to open it from this side.

– This is the story of young people who met by chance during the flashmob, and he changed their lives, says playwright Tatiana Miroshnik. – Working on the script, we talked with plasmabeam is a very positive people, because mobs usually are on pure enthusiasm. They have some very bright and creative, and I want to tell you about this new, in our eyes the prevailing human type.

as for casting, which also have to spend online, Alan Rubinstein said that is something quite new in our practice: “I resisted for a long time, but there is no escape – you need to work. So now grasp the new opportunities our technology: zoom, via, via Skype, talk on the phone on the phone… the Online auditions, I’d say separate genre. Actors record sonoprobe, we are discussing then – so is the selection of a future actor of the group. Experience will come in handy: the film characters communicate by video conference and the technology there, too, occupy an important place. Finally approved of the actors yet. Music – songs and dances – composer Ruslan Sabirov, something in the spirit of Franz��ing musical comedies of 60-70-ies”. On the question of what key words she would have chosen for his film, Allen says: “the Sun, sea, energy, audacity, smile, music.”

meanwhile, the producer Vladimir Esin some time ago finished the movie “the Vow” written by the same Tatiana Miroshnik and Roman Nesterenko, who directed the picture.

– This is the real story of the head physician of the hospital of Simferopol of Nahum the Balaban, which is in the occupation saved the lives of about eight hundred people. He is undeservedly forgotten, and when in 2014 we found in the archives of this story, Tatiana Miroshnik immediately began to do, and for five years, we searched for movie money. Come to the aid of the Ministry of culture, having allocated 35 million, which for historical paintings of a drop in the ocean. The film is ready and the plans have been out in cinemas on 7 may. Now the Prime Minister was timed to the September when, as expected, will be able to truly celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Victory, – said Vladimir Esin.