Carrot-Finger with Guacamole-Dip

This Snack is in the truest sense of the word “finger food”: The carrots make the Finger of one of the Guacamole gripping Hand is creepy and healthy at the same time.

ingredients Guacamole: 2Avocados1Knoblauchzehe1roter Chili3 ELZitronen or Limettensaft¾ TLSalz carrots: 5Rüebli Crème fraîche


peel the Avocados, remove. Mash with a fork.Garlic press, Chili and chop finely with all other ingredients to the mix. Mix well.Carrots into finger-sized pieces.The tips with Crème fraîche DAB, so that it looks like a finger nail. The cut end into the Guacamole stuck. Wienerli in the dough on mummies-type

This recipe is easy and quick to prepare. A few edible sugar eyes for the extra Creepy factor.

ingredients (for 4 servings)12rechteckiger Blätterteig1 ELSenf1 ELHarissa1 ELSesamsamen1Ei sugar eyes


preheat the oven to 220 degrees to preheat.Cut the puff pastry into approx. one inch wide strips. One half of the strips with mustard, the other with Harissa best.Wienerli with leaves, wrap strips of dough. On one side some space for the eyes.Egg whisk and the puff pastry with it. In the oven middle for about 20 minutes to bake. With a bit of Ketchup to decorate. Sugar eyes with a bit of Ketchup sticking. Serve immediately. Mini-pumpkin

Easy and simple: This recipe offers a healthy Alternative to many sweets on Halloween. The Clementines look in addition as Mini-pumpkins.

ingredients Clementine green marzipan bar


Clementines peel.From the marzipan bars are small, about five inches long roll shapes. In the middle of the Clementines stuck. Spirits-Brownies

The little ghosts on the Brownies not only look cute, but they are also to Bite sweet.

ingredients (for 4 servings)100 gButter400 gdunkle chocolate, coarsely gehackt4Eier200 gZucker½ TLBackpulver2Prisen Salz200 gBaumnusskerne, coarse gehackt150 gMehl1 PackMarshmallows1 panel, white chocolate


the oven on 180 degrees to preheat.Butter and dark chocolate in a small heat in a pan, Stirring to melt. For a short time, set aside and let cool.Eggs, sugar, vanilla powder, baking powder and salt in a bowl and mix until the mass is lighter. Melted chocolate. Flour and nuts, stir in. In a greased Form (diameter 26 cm).In the lower half of the oven at 180 degrees for about 45 minutes to bake.Brownies and leave to cool. White chocolate over a double boiler to melt.Marshmallows on Brownies place. Melted chocolate and Marshmallows casting and over the edge of the Brownies run. Hard to be leave.With the Rest of the melted dark chocolate eyes and mouth on the little ghosts have to draw on. Graveyard lasagna

Znacht stones With a couple of self-made grave of the lasagna to the perfect Halloween.

ingredients (for 4 servings)3 ELButter3 ELMehl3 dlMilch2 dlGemüsebouillonEtwasSalzEtwasPfeffer300 gGemüse (leek, carrot, etc.) 1Zwiebel2 ELRapsöl400gRindfleisch, gehackt2 can Tomaten150 gLasagneblätter50 gReibkäse


oven chopped preheat to 190 degrees with top and bottom heat.For the Lasagne and the leek in half lengthwise and thoroughly with cold water wash. Carrot peel. Leek and carrot in approx. five mm large pieces. Peel the onions and finely chop.Oil in a large frying pan heat. Onion and fry the meat in it for three minutes. Vegetables, add approximately five minutes to fry. Add the tomatoes and cook on medium heat approximately 25 minutes to simmer.For the béchamel sauce Butter in a frying pan and melt. Add the flour and stir. Vegetable broth and milk, Stirring. Bring to a boil and simmer on low heat for ten minutes, simmer until the Sauce binds. Often does not stir, so the Sauce doesn’t burn. Season with salt and pepper. Vegetables-meat-Sauce and lasagne sheets alternately in a Form of layers. With béchamel sauce wash, and finally the cheese over the faithful. Lasagna bake for 35 minutes in the oven.Bread pieces as tombstones cropping or Cracker use. This, for example, with Ketchup describe. Halloween Cupcakes with pumpkin

Cupcakes always fit easily: This is a special version with a pumpkin for an autumnal Touch.

Zutaten125 gMehl2 TLBackpulver¼ TLSalz1 TLPumpkin-Spice-Gewürzmischung250 gKürbispüree2Eier110 gRohrzucker110 gweisser Zucker110 gRapsöl300gFrischkäse600gPuderzucker food color


The oven to 175 degrees to preheat.Flour, baking powder, salt and Pumpkin-Spice-seasoning mixture, mix and set aside.Pumpkin puree and eggs in a separate bowl.Cane sugar and white sugar to add. Oil and mix well.The flour-spice Mix gently and add.The dough with a spoon into muffin tins, until about a centimetre below the rim. Bake for 20 minutes, then leave to cool.For the cream cheese Topping in the icing sugar-seven, and the fresh cheese. With the Mixer velvety stirring. The Topping can be your choice of different colored. A few drops of food colour while Stirring, until the mixture has reached the desired color. The mixture in a pastry bag and filling of the Cupcakes to decorate.