Dieter Behring (†63), passed away earlier this week. The “Tages-Anzeiger” writes citing two informed sources. The fraud convicted financial juggler had been suffering for some time from a serious illness.

On the website of Dieter Behring to the last entry in September 2018 dated. At the time, he wrote, that he had filed in the Federal court an application for a review. Also Personal can be found on the website. So clever, fair people,” and macaroni with Minced meat and Apple sauce he liked about “. No joy, however, he had to queue, or in the summer time. Poetically, he adopted the “bye-bye” on his website: “it is Only when the child loses in me, it is time for me to go.”

On Twitter, he was most recently in October.

For months, seriously ill

at the beginning of January, the Federal judge Behrings appeal rejected against a judgment of the Federal court met in September 2016. This had been ordered by the Basel-based Financier, to imprisonment for a term of five and a half years. The execution of the penalty but was postponed due to Behrings disease.

in mid-January reported “CH Media”, that Behring since the 4. January with a serious jaundice in the hospital bed. First of all, he had been located in the Basel Clara hospital, then to the Bernese Inselspital moved. “It’s not good for him, his blood values are bad,” said his wife, Ruth, Behring at the time. Diagnosis: Cirrhosis Of The Liver. It’ll probably stay only a liver transplant, said Ruth, Behring, “CH Media.

hundreds of millions of not yet surfaced

in August 2018, the Federal court had made a complaint of Behring, against the judgments of the Federal court dismissed. Between 1994 and 2004, invested about 2000 people in the Behring plant system, the promised thanks to a computer program producing above average returns with low risk. 800 million Swiss francs, an immense amount of damage for the investor lost.

in The Fricktal resident Behring was condemned because of his deeds between 2001 and 2004, the acts in previous years, were legally barred. Even today, lacking any trace of hundreds of millions of francs. (uro)