Mode isolation. No concerts, no performances, no audience…the Stars of show business are accustomed to a very different rhythm of life, entertain themselves as they can.

Buxom beauty Anna Semenovich posted to instagram two photos.

In one she appears without makeup and in a strange perspective, with a triple chin and wrinkles on the neck.

Another picture – though in a Bathrobe, but with cosmetics and jewelry. Heaven and earth.

“do you think we are after isolation, how are we going to look like in the first photo or the second?” — she turned to her followers.

In her microblog passions.

Someone condemned the singer for the first photo, someone, on the contrary, I was praised for my courage.

But most followers began to compete in wit.

“Finally, without photoshop”, “Wanted 2, but will be like 1 and Then you just for me. At least one joy.”

As reported by “the Rambler”, Anna Semenovich during the isolation of coronavirus moved from his posh apartment to the cottage.

There, the artist does not lose time in vain — she turned into a hairstylist.

Publish from S. Anna (@ann_semenovich) 10 May 2020 2:39 PDT