the Reality show “Battle of designers” is a mix of programs about the repair, and talent shows. Participants – designers of interiors from different parts of the country, needed to implement the project within a limited timeframe and with limited budget. Their “clients” – the usual family. A judge – stars and famous designers. Judges and landlords appreciate the repairs to the fullest extent. The main prize – a leading project of the “Battle of designers”. But for this party need to win in five programs.

Before you do the real repair in the apartments, the participants pass the first stage test of aptitude. They are waiting for the development and replication of prototype rooms for the “customer” – one of the family members in the room 2×2 square meters in the pavilion. Four of the designer, having in submission only two working, needs 8 hours to invent and implement your project: the bedroom or nursery, kitchen or balcony, hallway or living room. In the first program they create a bedroom for sisters-twins. The top three takes place on the second level. Assess the performance of the participants lead project designer Maxim Oktyabri, costar, and family.

the Second stage is the actual repair of the apartment or the house of heroes program, which is given to only one week. Each of the designers must make room for one of the family members. According to the results of repair in the next series are just two designers.

the host of the show in the first programs will be the finalist of the project “Marry Buzova” Valentine box. Among the star guests of the project – Anastasia Denisova, Denis Kosyakov, Polina Maksimova and others. What’s the catch – can there be such a quick quality repair in the pavilion, in the real apartment? Good show funny and can give the audience many useful ideas for the improvement of his own apartment, and a chance to relax, listening to jokes, and feel like the guru of repair, looking at the missteps of the participants.

the History of domestic TV shows that show about the repair is very popular, especially in summer. In which row will this be a new TV show, the audience will soon see.