For more than 30 years, the legendary Japanese game series “Final Fantasy”. Probably the most famous episode – and for many Fans, the best role-playing game of all time is “Final Fantasy VII” (1997). Celebrating now as probably the most expensive Remake of the game history of a great Comeback!

IMAGE was able to play the revamped classic in Berlin already for a few hours and reveals why he is one of the most important Games of the year.

The struggle of Cloud Strife and the rebel force Avalanche against the unscrupulous large Corporation Shinra is not only one-to-one from the Original, but in many additional movie scenes are told; for example, if Clouds memories, in flashbacks are seen. Alone the opening sequence draws you directly into the action:

And you had to click earlier by endless dialog texts are now all of the dialogue is spoken and also in German available. This effort has a price: Alone, the first game devours around 100 GB of storage space on the console. Is delivered in “Final Fantasy VII Remake” on two Blu-ray Discs.

So cool, the fights from

run it Went ahead in the Original, still creeping slowly, because each action round has been triggered, now fought in real-time. By the press of a button you can switch lightning fast between the hero back and forth, depending on which character is the better Option.