The rehabilitation of fashion chain Charles Vögele is also failed in Austria. The law firm Graf & Pitkowitz, the company has lodged a bankruptcy petition. A recovery plan has not been submitted.

By the bankruptcy 400 workers are affected almost. Of assets of approximately 3.4 million euros, the debt can be due to the first-launched review of the provisions not yet exactly name.

57 stores affected

according to Initial estimates, the liabilities could be around 6 million euros, more accurate, you’ll probably know already this afternoon, the office to the news Agency APA. Then you could also already be known, who is used as a bankruptcy Trustee. Charles Vögele had in Austria last 57 branches.

The Charles Vögele stores in Austria had not been converted – unlike in Switzerland – in the OVS stores. As of last summer, Sempione, Fashion, the company, which had aufgekaut 2016 the Charles-Voegele group, had filed for bankruptcy and all stores in Switzerland, the castle, the Austrian daughter company with 100 stores and 700 employees, is bankrupt. She was taken to the fact, however, the German financial Advisor and restructuring specialist GA Europe.

The product is assumed to be

The recent bankruptcy is due to the fact that in the course of the renovation, found an Investor has requested additional funds to supply the stores with merchandise, such as a company spokeswoman said on Friday the Austrian news Agency APA.

“Unfortunately, the sales negotiations have failed now, what the short – and medium-term supply for the remaining branches could no longer be adequately ensured,” a spokesman of the textile chain.

according to Initial estimates, the liabilities of Charles Vögele could be around 6 million euros. These are assets of nearly 3.4 million euros, according to information from Friday. (SDA/pbe)