Dangerous Stunts are as much a part of the “Fast & Furious”series, such as fast cars and wild shootings. During the filming in Hertfordshire, England, for the ninth part of the series it came from now, but a devastating accident. Such as “The Sun” reported, had to be brought in a Stunt Double from Superstar Vin Diesel (52) seriously injured by helicopter to the hospital.

As a Set-employees of the newspaper anonymously betrayed, jumped the Stuntman for a scene from a high balcony. Here, the actor of safety cables should be protected against a fall. However, during the jump, the crack of the cable and the Stunt-Man nine-yards fell into the deep. “The whole Crew yelled, as he hit the ground,” describes the source of the accident.

“Vin Diesel had interrupted, tears in the eyes,”

“The filming and the shots of the fall handed over to the police. At the moment, it is a crime scene.” The British police are investigating how the cable can be ripped. Vin Diesel himself had been a witness of the terrible accident. “He was shocked, as white as a sheet and had tears in his eyes. He has heard everything.”

told As a spokesman for the paramedics on site of the “Daily Mail”, have worn the Stuntman “serious head injuries” of it. According to the anonymous employee of the “Fast & Furious” fear on the Set of “the worst”.

it is Still unclear how much of the tragic accident, the filming of “Fast & Furious 9” influences. Currently, it is planned that the Film 22. In may 2020, in the cinemas. (klm)