Film critic woke up: trump defeated

Donald trump almost two weeks after the award “Oscar” suddenly criticized the choice of the Academy. At the Congress in Colorado springs, he first denounced the rival Democrat Bloomberg, calling him “mini-Mike”, and then dubbed the brad pitt Oscar-winning “little nerd” in revenge for his political sensitivity. Got the best picture of the year, the South Korean film “Parasites”. Trump nostalgically lamented that the days of a big movie like “Gone with the wind” are long gone.

the Role of the second plan is not for them, American presidents have always loved the lead roles. But Donald trump’s ego bigger. The public is already accustomed to: he is his own Director and screenwriter. He was joking, and he laughs. Now it is still a film critic and woke up.

“What a horrible Academy award this year! Have you seen this? Winner — movie from South Korea. What the hell is going on? We have so many problems with South Korea in the trade, and then they give them the award “Best film of the year”. Is this normal? I do not know. Let’s get Gone with the wind. We can get them back? “Sunset Boulevard” — so many good movies! And we have a winner from South Korea. I thought it was the best foreign movie. No. Such a thing was used for?” — outraged the President of the United States Donald trump.

“Oscar” for best film foreign films for the first time. From the South Korean “Parasites” a splash at the ceremony — just 4 figurines. And opponents of the trump Democrats reminded why tape such a success: “Parasites — foreign film about how the rich don’t notice the hard share of the working class. Takes about 2 hours to read the subtitles. Of course, trump hates it”.

trump is not a reader, says American distributors of the picture. Trump is a writer, he has 20 tweets a day. He furiously pounded on the keyboard and on the day of the debate the Democrats. Especially criticized Michael Bloomberg, MillieGera who joined the struggle for the presidency. Was the candidate openly weak, and trump the debut of competitor was not impressed.

“Bloomberg has exposed himself as a fool last night. He was out of breath! I can’t breathe, Oh God, I can’t breathe, don’t ask me questions!” — commented on the speech by Donald trump.

Questions will appear soon and the Tramp. The New York Times gets old song, returning to the image of the Russian bad guys that threaten America.

“Russia is already involved in the campaign 2020 to achieve the re-election of President Donald trump for a second term. This was reported five sources familiar with the situation”, — the newspaper writes.

Five sources, but the evidence, as usual, zero. People of intelligence sowed panic in the fertile soil of the House of representatives, where the fall originated impeachment. The Director of the scandalous process, Senator Adam Schiff heard the report and will surely find the information in the application.

This information angered the President. He said the dismissal of the head of the intelligence Maguier. The vacant position was short-lived. True to yourself man trump was appointed head of national intelligence. It was Richard Grenell, the American Ambassador in Germany, who is remembered in Berlin that endlessly taught the Germans what kind of policy they conduct.

However, Granel from diplomacy to exploration is not going away, and will only combine the two posts temporarily while trump did not pick the right person. He’s trying to surround myself with people who will not merge the information and to threaten the presidency. The impeachment because it is possible to continue.

In Hollywood has offered to make a film about the controversial trial of trump. The idea of brad pitt, who at a recent ceremony remembered as the senators refused to listen to the witnesses.

“I was told that I only have 45 seconds to speak. It’s 45 seconds more than the Senate granted John Bolton on the process of impeachment Trdump of a specific org,” said brad pitt at the ceremony of awards.

“Oh, and brad pitt! I’ve never been a fan of his. Gets up and makes a statement in the spirit of the little smart aleck. Little smart-ass — that he who is” — meets Donald trump.

trump also have a chance to take her Oscar, if Hollywood still dare to screen and talk about how to work the 45 th President of the United States. Your genre will be surrealism.