new Zealand, Australia and the United Arab Emirates are just some of the countries visited, Filippo Lombardi (63) in his tenure already, mainly on the state. Everything for the country, he says. “Such tiresome travel is not tourism. I’m just doing my duty and represent Switzerland in these countries, because I was delegated by the Parliament.”

His personal journey to Bern to go in the fall again more, incidentally, although Lombardi is already sitting for 20 years in the Council of States. There, he declared the members of Parliament and the rest of Switzerland, the Canton, the many know only from travel: the Ticino.

“I assume a dual function: In Ticino I have to explain that for the whole of Switzerland, the bilateral approach is still the best. In Bern I have to explain to the particular circumstances of the Ticino.” As a border Canton, and the only Italian-speaking Canton of workers and border protection all the more important.

The Northern League dominated more and more

Ticino is exceptional, shows a view of the party landscape. You will be more and more dominated by the right-wing populist Lega – occupied, also seats two the national Council. Together with the SVP you want to win now, seats – possibly at the expense of Lombardi’s CVP.

So Historic happened in the summer in Ticino, has long been feuding mainstream parties, the liberal FDP and the Catholic CVP, were received, together with the GLP a list connection. “The hostility here is 100 years,” says Lombardi, and discards the hands. “My family is radical, many of my friends are too. It would be crazy if the center had not responded to the Connections of the left and right.”

danger also from the left

in fact, in danger also from the left side. The left parties in the cantonal Parliament elections in the spring, even the Communist party won two seats. Now various left-could move in small parties, thanks to the connections List also to the national Parliament. The driving force for an old Acquaintance: Franco Cavalli (76) is sat is running as a candidate for the SP in the last twelve years in the national Council, but now for the left Forum Alternativo.

all This shows: The Canton of Ticino is ticking politically rather on the left. The Lega has quite left-wing positions. “Europe and the frontier, the Lega and the SVP say the same thing, but in many other areas there are differences,” explains Lombardi.

No shame in the Canton of

The fear of immigration and the poor economy in Ticino unmistakable. But actually, these Worries are unjustified. The Ticino’s economy has grown in the last ten years faster than the overall Swiss. A shame the Canton of Ticino is not the case, says Lombardi. “But when you first hear 28 years of the Lega-free newspaper every Sunday, just simple, negative spells that have an effect. Slowly penetrates, however, that not everything is bad.”

attack on the Ticino the Federal Council?

A, which represents the Ticino minority in Bern, Federal councillor Ignazio Cassis (58). “He does a good job, explained a lot. But it takes time.” Time that could have Cassis soon. The Green overtaking the CVP, they will be asking for a Federal Council seat. Maybe the Cassis? Or the defence Minister Viola Amherd (57)?

this would throw The Lombardi in a personal Dilemma. The CVP-group-in-chief would have to defend its own Federal councillor and FDP to attack – and therefore the Ticino Cassis. Lombardi dismisses the but. “The Greens will not overtake the CVP, but it needs also the Council of States.”

Chance, in spite of scandals

In this Council of States Lombardi wants to move back in. The opportunities are no longer intact, because the Council of States colleague Fabio Abate (53) the departure of the FDP. So Lombardi could extend a political career, often in front of the stand. Fake circulation figures of the media entrepreneur and a car accident under the influence of alcohol could affect him but nothing. “There is not a minimum of three cantons – the Valais, the Jura and the Ticino, where such sins are fatal. You know that the person also has weaknesses, and does not condemn it à priori.” The aim of the criminal law is to rehabilitate the people. “After 15 years, I am.”

nevertheless could Filippo Lombardi’s political trip to the next legislature. The successor might be available with the CVP-national councils, Marco Romano (36) and Fabio Regazzi (57). But for Lombardi, the successor does not have to necessarily come from the national Council. “I was elected as a representative of the civil society, maybe you can find someone from there.”