FC Barcelona are a great football, but also, more recently, for single plots. President Josep Bartomeu is at odds with the barcelona star Lionel Messi and has even been accused of a smear campaign. Therefore, the need to Bartomeu out of it. “He will be, in each other and stamping: the economic bankruptcy and moral degradation,” says Victor Font, is the man who is the new chairman will be at the Nou Camp.

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Barcelona is at a turning point in its history. One of The Sides (32), it will not be a football player, and over a short time, should be the golden-generation – the-best-ever? – have to be replaced. It’s a legendary stadium, Camp Nou, is in need of renovation, and that it takes a minimum of 685 million euros, and the Spanish traditieclub will need more and more to compete with the unlimited number of geldmachines like PSG and Manchester City.

Hassle, with lionel Messi

As the champions league semi-final great wish to continue, the need for strong leadership and the current president, Josep Bartomeu seems to be that the role is not (any longer) to be able to do. The president is in the eye of the storm, because it is at odds with the club’s. According to several Spanish media, has hired Bartomeu, a public relations company in to put his own image on social media is using it and that it is at the expense of those that would follow. For example, the argentine has attracted fierce criticism on Twitter when he made the decision to renew his contract is getting delayed.

Barcelona is known for every one, but Bartomeu turned upside down, is located in Barcelona, is an understatement. Last year, there are voorzittersverkiezingen in Barcelona, spain. The Victor Font, and the man is calling to the presidency, will want to take advantage of the situation and wrote an open letter in which he states that He, among Bartomeu“, the game is over here. “Barcelona are threatening each other, stamping on the’s ‘ sound to it. “The economic bankruptcy and moral depravity.”
Bartomeu is in the eye of the storm. (Photo: Photo News

the Font, which is big in the it industry, and is now with Delta Partners, a consulting firm with head office in Brussels Avenue Louise area, is that the champions league semi-final to be chaotic or controlled, and that there was unaccounted for, the immeasurable costs. “It can’t be that real madrid for 100 million, players are required to sell to the financial statements in order to get it,” he says. “If the risks are already big, they will be by the corona, a huge addiction.

the project ‘Si “Al Futur ’ i.e. < / I>” Yes, in the future, is called to be structural and to be more creative, and that the expenditure for the renovation of the Camp Nou, as the on-hold to be set. The gehakketak went there last week, six board members, Victor Font, is hoping that Josep Bartomeu will soon also hit the road.

in Aid of the home side battled back from

in Addition, he was given the assistance of an ex-player to Xavi. This is currently the coach of Saudi Al Sadd, but the addition of the Ronald Koeman – tipped as a future coach of Barcelona. For the rest, it should in any case again, because now there was a discussion between Bartomeu and lionel Messi on the hand-over of 70% of salary at the coronacrisis and feels the Croatian midfielder, Ivan Raketic is treated like “a sack of potatoes that they would like to sell it.”

Victor is a Font that he He to the more secure ports, you can steer (with lionel Messi as captain). Josep Bartomeu claimed that he, former Barcelona coach may make to his or her retirement from the city and continue to be. It is reasonable to assume that the Former, with the contract for a referee in this discussion.