This happened after a drone or a fighter aircraft repeatedly was spun for minutes above the city and then got attacked. The explosions were heavier than in previous days, it was called by Western reporters.

The inhabitants, according to multiple missiles in a base of the government were apparently troops in the southern outside district. The only working airport in Tripoli was for security reasons, re-operation. He had been in the days before, after shelling by the troops of the rebel commander, Khalifa Haftar temporarily closed.

in the East of the civil war country’s ruling General Haftar has launched the beginning of April, an Offensive against the troops of the internationally recognized government in Tripoli of Prime Minister Fajes al-Serradsch, the districts outside of the capital has Stalled. The oil-rich desert state, is divided since the overthrow of ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, in rival camps.