75 thousand roubles – such sum will be given to the veterans who fought with the Nazi underground in the territory of the Soviet republics to the West of the USSR during the great Patriotic war. The order on lump sum payments timed to the 75th anniversary of the Victory, has developed a Ministry of labor.

the Money will be transferred to the war veterans and combatants from among servicemen, persons of ordinary and commanding staff of internal Affairs bodies and state security bodies took part in combat operations on liquidation of the nationalist underground in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the period from 1 January 1944 to 31 December 1951. The only drawback is that the recipients must be Russian citizens and to reside on the territory of our country, and in Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania. According to estimates of the Ministry of labor, payment needs to obtain 900 people. From the budget it will spend a total of 67 million 637 thousand rubles.