For the procurement project for new fighter jets and ground-to-air missiles, the Federal Council wants to use 8 billion Swiss francs. Until the summer Amherd want to present to the entire Federal Council with a request to the project.

On the third supplementary report, “the NZZ reported on Saturday”. Lorenz Frischknecht, spokesman for the defense Department (VBS), confirmed to Keystone SDA the information. The Federal Council will in accordance with the principles on the defence policy in General, 100 percent of the purchase price in Switzerland to compensate.

Kurt Grüter, Ex-Director of the Swiss Federal audit office (sfao), received the mandate for the third additional report. This is designed to provide information on the cost of Offset transactions, as well as the Use of direct and indirect Offset, for safety, security and economic policy point of view, to investigate. Between the costs and Benefits should scientifically be a direct relationship made.

Former Astronaut tasked

The EFK had been held in 2007, in a report that only 40 per cent of the Swiss defence procurement in foreign countries had been compensated by domestic made against shanks. In the case of a re-examination in 2016, improvements were noted, but at the same time, also still a need for Adjustment in armasuisse.

last February Amherd had announced that prior to their application to the Swiss Federal Council further information on the procurement project for fighter jets and ground-to-air missiles to seek.

you instructed the former astronauts and military pilots Claude Nicollier with a rexternen second opinion. Within the VBS is created in addition, an analysis on the current threat situation. The three reports should be available by the end of April, as Frischknecht wrote.

New jets up to a billion Swiss francs cheaper

Grüter had already conducted an administrative investigation on the procurement project Bodluv 2020 the army. This project for ground-based air defense 2020 had been suspended Amherds predecessor, Guy Parmelin, because first of all a concept for the whole of the air defense should be developed.

in 2018, had Oscar J. Schwenk, Chairman of Pilatus aircraft works, declared to be Compensation were not interested. In an Interview with the newspaper “Sunday glance” he said that the army could not buy new fighter jets for up to one billion Swiss francs cheaper, if you waive against shops.

If the Pilatus training aircraft build for other armies and forced them into Compensation agreements will beat you 15 to 20 percent on the purchase price of said pivot. This is normal.

in Stans NW-based aircraft manufacturer and the state-owned armaments group Ruag are considered to be potential beneficiaries of Compensation in the case of a purchase of new fighter jets. (SDA)