In September, the most curious and weirdest fight of year in professional Boxing. In this great heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will face the light heavyweight great Roy Jones. The problem is that both boxers are already over 50 years, Jones last fight was held two year ago, and Tyson is not in the middle of the last decade.The statement that Mike Tyson did on the website Legends Only League and ESPN, is the loudest while the news of the year relating to professional Boxing. He reported that on September 12 in Los Angeles will be jasmineanthony “exhibition” bout against Roy Jones. The match will be broadcast in the format of a pay-per-view a multimedia platform Triller.We are talking about the confrontation between two true legends, two great without the slightest exaggeration fighters. Tyson in 1986 became the youngest ever Boxing world champion in the heavyweight division, and experts quite a long time put his talent level near the recognized category of king Mohammed Ali. Perhaps by the achievements of Mike Tyson and Ali would have surpassed, if not unexpected defeat in 1990 from James Douglas and followed soon after him, a rape charge, which resulted in a three-year sentence. Tyson was able to return to the ring, regained the championship belt, but lost both their main battle another outstanding supertag Evander Holyfield in the second fight with him biting the opponents ear and earning a disqualification.Roy Jones in his time was considered a standard technique in Boxing, a fighter, fantastic by any measure of talent. He helped him do some amazing climbing. Middleweight (to 72.6 kg) Roy Jones won the title and in the category, which began a career in professional Boxing in super Middleweight and light heavyweight, and even heavyweight, when in 2003 he defeated John Ruiz.Roy Jones having, by the way, along with American and Russian citizenship, 51. The last time he stepped into the ring in February 2018, having defeated an unknown Scott Sigmon. And his last fight against an opponent worthy of a fight in Moscow with Brit Enzo Maccarinelli in 2015. Maccarinelli then brutally knocked out is clearly past its peak years in six or seven before Jones.Photo: Dmitry Korotaev, Kommersanty Tyson is even older, he was 54 years, and his career ended even earlier — in 2005, when the genius of Boxing beat the average Irish Kevin McBride. Final clarity about the fact that Tyson never regain its former greatness, in General, come in three the year before: he fought with a new frontman of a super heavyweight Lennox Lewis, and had nothing to Briton to oppose.And Tyson in the summer are constantly posted in social networks videos and photos of their training.Alex Armor